Home Furnishings Trend: Brass is Back


Home Furnishings Trend: Brass is Back - After years of chrome, chrome steel , and nickel being the shining stars of interior metals, brass is back and beginning to steal the show.

As with many home furnishings trends, the comeback was inspired by what’s occurring in fashion. during this case, gold and rose gold watches became influencers a couple of years ago, says Chicago designer Tom Segal of Kaufman Segal Design, who thinks that home furnishings styles tend to be cyclical. Now he’s adding small brass details to rooms within the same way a gold watch might peek out of a shirt cuff.

Using brass now's a simple , affordable way for homeowners to customize and stay trend. “Many people need a warmer look, which is additionally visible in fabrics as warmer colors return,” Segal says.

Erin Imhof, showroom supervisor at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery in Lansdale, Pa., has noted a rise in brass finishes. She attributes it to how they complement a good range of colours and other finishes. “Many of today’s top color trends for kitchens and bathrooms, including all-white, blue, and black, pair beautifully with brass fixtures,” she says.

Others concur that brass may be a universal mixer. “Our designers wish to integrate brass into their designs, whether it’s an accent sort of a decorative bowl, object of art, light fixture, or metal base on an end table,” says Julie Sprouse, design sales manager at Allen , the house furnishings chain based in Danbury, Conn.

Caitie Smithe, a design coordinator and stylist at the Walter E. Smithe Furniture + Design retailer based in Itasca, Ill., also considers brass a cloth which will be used throughout a home, including lighting fixtures , hardware, and even light switches and vent controls. Other good places to use brass include bathroom hardware, plumbing fixtures like sinks, and accessory details like candleholders or picture frames.

Here are five tips for using brass that you simply can expire to your clients.

1. Use sparingly.Brass works best when utilized in small doses. an excessive amount of can create a “too matchy-matchy” look, consistent with Smithe. Overuse can make it start to seem cheap, says Segal. “Moderation is vital ,” he says.

2. Mix finishes. Brass appears more timeless instead of trendy when it’s matte, brushed, or aged, which helps soften its sheen, Segal says. But take care , Smithe says, when mixing brasses during a single space from different manufacturers. “There may be a huge home in color and brightness. Some combat a bright yellow color while others are often more of an aged gold,” she says.

3. Combine warm metal colors. Brass, gold, and bronze can work well together since they share similar warm values versus shiny nickel, which leans toward the colder side, says Sprouse.

4. Mix metals. Some designers also think brass, satin, brushed nickel, chrome steel , and oil-rubbed bronze are often used together. But Imhoff still offers some caution. “Go with similar warm, muted undertones for a few consistency,” she says. Chicago designer Summer Thornton likes mixing metals, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms where she might use brass, nickel, and steel combinations.

5. Consider longevity. How long brass will stay fashionable is unknown. When it becomes too ubiquitous in retail stores, shelter magazines, and on design websites, it's going to be time to maneuver on. the great news is that brass touches are easy to feature in and switch out.

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